A vote for Jill Stein is a VOTE for Jill Stein

Unify Bernbuds

Right now, if you are on fire like me, then you held out for a hero and got another DNC manipulation. I mean they had to get as many Bernie supporters to the convention, right? How else could they show enough “unification” to scare the Republicans? What is Bernie going to do now? Take the office next to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and campaign with Hillary? After all that has happened to date and all that was disclosed in the Wikileaks; does anyone actually believe Hillary will let Bernie contribute as a Vice President? or even be one?  Oh, and Obama, blaming the Wikileaks on the Russians is the worst Red Herring I’ve seen.  It’s Hillary’s fault, they are her emails.  Could you please stop being a shield and hold that woman accountable?  Hillary and Debbie, as well as the rest, thought it was alright to do whatever they could to…

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